Pretty In Black (1986)

Jeanna Fine is your hostess as you enter the Erogenous Zone – an uncharted area where taboos simply have no place. Black becomes white, and both immerse themselves in pink! So hold on to your hormones as the ride is bound to get bumpy. Before you can leave. Jeanna’s got a surprise for you!!!

Alex White
Carol Titian
Jeanna Fine
Nikki Knight
Nina DePonca
Nina Hartley

Billy Dee
Buddy Love
Don Fernando
F.M. Bradley

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Alex White, Carol Titian, Jeanna Fine, Nina DePonca, F.M. Bradley
Scene 2. Alex White, Nina Hartley, Don Fernando
Scene 3. Alex White, Nikki Knight, Billy Dee
Scene 4. Alex White, Don Fernando
Scene 5. Jeanna Fine, Nina Hartley, Buddy Love
Scene 6. Jeanna Fine, F.M. Bradley





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