Privat Sex Patrol (1996)


Year: 1996
Country: USA
Language: German
Director: Alex Sanders, Jay Ashley

Starring: Lovette [Anal Facial DP DPP Bald Fisting], Missy [Anal Facial Fisting], Roxanne Hall [Anal Facial DP DPP Fisting], Shannon Rush [Anal Facial DP Fisting], Tracy Love [Anal Facial Fisting], Alex Sanders, Dave Hardman, Jay Ashley, Kyle Stone, Sean Rider, Steve Hatcher, Valentino.

Description: film about how the police detain offenders and have them in all designated areas

Scene Breakdowns
* Scene 1. Lovette, Dave Hardman, Steve Hatcher
* Scene 2. Shannon Rush, Alex Sanders, Jay Ashley
* Scene 3. Missy, Tracy Love, Alex Sanders, Jay Ashley
* Scene 4. Roxanne Hall, Kyle Stone, Sean Rider, Valentino
* Scene 5. Roxanne Hall, Alex Sanders, Jay Ashley



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