Private Gold 12 – The Pyramid 2 (1996)

Starring: Tania Russof, Angelica Marai, Demia Moor, Alain Deloin, Adele Vanaga, Ana, Jean-Yves LeCastel, Betty Anderson, Shauna Lynn, Kriztina Schwartz, Liga, Katalyn, Tesse, David Perry, Philippe Dean, Frank Versace, Philippe Soine, Kitty, Maria, Gabriella Bond, Adrienne, Anike, Anna Maria, Eva, Ildiko, Julia Tchernei, Ketthy Divan, Lelde, Nicolette, Sveta, Tunde, Yanna, Alain H., Elmeri, Ferrenc, Zoltan.

“While the Minister of Culture is hitting it off with a group of some fifteen girls in the harem, William and Karim return to their hotel, where they discover that Elizabeth and the goddess Amira have been arrested by the secret police. Advised by Karim, the two men must travel to the depths of the desert to hire the services of a group of mercenaries; William promises to hand over part of the treasure if they manage to liberate his wife. Meanwhile, William’s wife, who is locked up and chained with the goddess, must use all her guile to find a way to escape her jailer.

“Pyramid 2, the second part of the trilogy, is brimming with beautiful, sensuous, insatiable girls.”




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