R.I.P. Wupload.com

After rapidshare,  hotfile,   wupload  is the next one who goes to history….

We like to inform you that wupload.com stop working and from the next year(2012),
they will delete all files from their servers.

In the next few days, we will delete all wupload links from here.

What is your recomendation, with which file host to replace wupload ?


31 thoughts on “R.I.P. Wupload.com”

  1. megaupload has a sister site. megaporn.. they never delete files, no limits and blazing fast. by far the best. after that, rapidshare no longer put time limits, then fileserve, filesonic

  2. Fileserve and Megaporn and Megaupload are the best.

    I Can download up to 1GB per file (in Fileserve case, even 1.5 GB single size) for free with no or very little waiting in between downloads.

    All the other make you wait from 15 min (Filesonic) to up to 2 1/2 hrs (ORON and Filepost) to download the next file!

  3. OMG are you kidding me I still have 7 months membership with Wupload 🙁

    Where did you get the info from? AFAIK they are only closing Affiliate Program and many uploader moved away from it because they dont get pay for people download anymore, but never heard of anything closing.

  4. FileSonic is usually fast and reliable. Not saying that just because I have bought a one year membership there, but also because. (Satisfied customer.) 😉

  5. were did you got the info that wupload is closed? There is no info about it on there site. if think there are only closing their “Affiliate Program”.

    btw: I like filserve and filesonic the most at the moment.

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