Rated Sex (1986)

Alexis Greco, Buffy Davis, Careena Collins, Honey Wilder, Kari Foxx, Maggie Randall,
Mai Lin, Shanna McCullough, Tiffany Duponte, Don Fernando, Francois, Frank Hollowell,
Jerry Butler, Joey Silvera, Kevin James, Mike Horner, Troy Tannier

It’s film criticism with a torrid twist when Honey Wilder and her man get together to discuss and review a bunch of naughty new porn flicks! Porn’s answer to Siskel and Ebert watch a series of captivating sex scenes, then discuss each one’s good points. Highlights include a steamy segment shot in San Francisco, with lusty Mai Lin seducing an unsuspecting tourist into her amorous arms. Another clip finds Kari Foxx explaining how she got an A in Biology — without ever opening a book! And when a group of guys and gals get stuck in an elevator, they decide to spend the time in the hottest way they know how! You’ll give two big thumbs up — and maybe more — to this white-hot carnal collection.







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  1. Scene Breakdowns

    Scene 1. Maggie Randall, Joey Silvera
    Scene 2. faceless girl, faceless guy
    Scene 3. Mai Lin, Don Fernando
    Scene 4. Kari Foxx, Jerry Butler, Troy Tannier
    Scene 5. Alexis Greco, Francois
    Scene 6. Careena Collins, Shanna McCullough, Kevin James
    Scene 7. Alexis Greco, Buffy Davis, Kari Foxx, Maggie Randall, Tiffany Duponte, Jerry Butler, Mike Horner, Troy Tannier

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