Regarding Hiney (1991)

Carolyn Monroe (as Candace Heart)
Kelly Blue
Stevie [LezOnly]
Cole Stevens (as Jordan Smith)
J.T. Taylor
Woody Long

Description: Meet Larry, mild mannered guy! Nice, calm, and happy until the unspeakable occurs! While opening a closet door, a massive box of dildos lands on his head! Suddenly nobody counts and nothing matters, except anal sex!

Brandy Alexandre did not appear in this movie. She was scheduled to appear and the boxes were printed in advance, but when she found that the company reneged on its promise to feature her prominently on the cover, she withdrew from participation.

Scene Breakdowns:

Scene 1. Kelly Blue, Woody Long
Scene 2. girl, J.T. Taylor
Scene 3. Carolyn Monroe, Cole Stevens
Scene 4. girl, Kelly Blue
Scene 5. Courtney, Woody Long



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