Schwanzgeile Franzosinnen (1978)


Heisse Muschis eisgekuehlt
Bouches expertes
Bachelières en chaleur
Bocche esperte

Richard Lemieuvre, Charlie Schreiner, Diane Dubois, Cyril Val, Catherine Greiner, Brigitte Lahaie, Liliane Lemieuvre, Barbara Moose

Charlie Schreiner and Richard Lemieuvre go on a skiing holiday. They fall in with two blondes, Diane Dubois and Valeire Martin’s, and have lots of fun with them. When the two girls leave the two men finally have a go at skiing and break their legs. In the hospital, however, the nurses, Barbara Moose, Cathy Stewart and Brigitte Lahaie, are very friendly and the doctor joins in the orgy.



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