Sean Michaels’ On The Road 6: Amsterdam & Rotterdam (1993)

Cast : Actresses:
Danielle [Facial]
Miriam DeVries
Silver Forrest [IR]
Vanessa Panther [LezOnly]
R. Holland
Sean Michaels

Description : Shot in Amsterdam and Rotterdam (Vol. 6 ), these offerings are quite interesting and fairly hot. The women, indigenous talent all, are very attractive (including that well-known and much-missed knockout, Silver Forrest) and often, to my American bias anyway, very exotic (blue-eyed ebony beauty, Venessa Panther).
Using a loose vignette format, each sex scene follows pretty much the same formula: Following some very impressive shots of grand Euroarchitecture or a visit to an adult bookstore, we see a girl masturbating. Minutes later, Michaels enters the scene and they go at it – and the scenes are more often than not pretty hot.
On The Road suffers slightly from a couple of repeat cum-shot inserts and a lack of imaginative scenarios, but for those looking for something new, hot and exotic, these are definitely worth a look-see.

Scene Breakdowns:

Scene 1. Silver Forrest, Sean Michaels
Scene 2 . Miriam DeVries, R. Holland
Scene 3 . Silver Forrest, Vanessa Panther
Scene 4 . Danielle, Sean Michaels





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