Sensational Janine (1976)


Also Known As
Josephine Mutzenbacher
Josephine Mutzenbacher (wie Sie Wirklich War 1. Teil)

Cast: Patricia Rhomberg, Marie-France Morel, Christine Szenetra, Birgit Zamulo, Sepp Gneissl, Frithjof Klausen, Siggi Buchner

Director: Hans Billian

It is London in the year 1910, an era of laced gloves and charming bonnets.
The story is based on the memoirs of Janine Gray, the most infamous madame of that time. The characters are those who had the most influence in molding her lifestyle.
Her stepfather, who after her mother’s death, continues to take care if her in many ways.
One of her father’s boarders, Mr. Hutchinson, first teaches her the ways of the world. Another had been her mother’s lover, and intends for Janine to take her place.
Janine meets a girl her own age, another sweet young thing. The two girls play games with servants and each other.
Rudy rents Janine’s room, forcing her to move into her stepfather’s. After threats of blackmail, Janine submits to him grudgingly, and then comes sweetly as he teaches her new tricks. Rudy brings Jennie, a lady of the evening. When Janine sees the fun and money involved, she goes into the profession. Her first trick is Lord Darby, but by all means he’s not her last.

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Guy, Patricia Rhomberg
Scene 2. Frithjof Klausen, Girl
Scene 3. Guy, Patricia Rhomberg
Scene 4. Frithjof Klausen, Girl
Scene 5. Girl, Sepp Gneissl
Scene 6. Girl, Siggi Buchner
Scene 7. Patricia Rhomberg, Siggi Buchner
Scene 8. Patricia Rhomberg, Sepp Gneissl
Scene 9. Patricia Rhomberg
Scene 10. Guy, Patricia Rhomberg
Scene 11. Birgit Zamulo, Guy
Scene 12. 2 Guys, Birgit Zamulo, Patricia Rhomberg
Scene 13. Frithjof Klausen, Patricia Rhomberg
Scene 14. Frithjof Klausen, Patricia Rhomberg
Scene 15. Frithjof Klausen, Patricia Rhomberg
Scene 16. Guy, Patricia Rhomberg
Scene 17. Frithjof Klausen, Guy, Marie-France Morel, Patricia Rhomberg
Scene 18. Christine Szenetra, Guy, Patricia Rhomberg
Scene 19. Guy, Patricia Rhomberg



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  1. I can’t seem to download this film. The ORON site appears to be defunct. Fileserve site says I can only download files I put there and doesn’t direct me to this film.
    Filesonic site asks me to register, but it seems rather dubious and I tried registering a few days ago and ended up with $16 charge on me credit card that I had cancelled even though I did not request premium service. Can these files be moved to FileJoker? That seems to the best site to access files from and I did pay for premium service there.

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