Sensations (1975)


Alternate Titles

* Mon corps a soif de désir (France, 1980)
* Polissonnes en vadrouille (France, 1980)

Director: Lasse Braun


* Brigitte Maier plays Margaret
* Véronique Monet plays Veronique
* Trixie Heinen plays Trixie
* Frédérique Barral plays Liza
* Tuppy Owens plays Lady Weatherby
* Tania Busselier plays Tania Soarez
* Eva Quang plays Eva
* Nicole Velna plays Brandy
* Dawn Cumming as Shirley Cox, plays Julie
* Nathalie Morin plays Rebecca


* Pierre Latour plays Lazlo
* John Wilson plays Arthur (Liza’s servant, hook for hand)
* ‘Mexican anonymous’ plays Julio (Trixie’s partner in boutique)
* Bent Rohweder plays David Griffin (Margaret’s boyfriend, the photographer)
* Nico Wolferstetter as Walter Wolf, plays Paco
* Patrick Anderson plays Patrick
* Robert le Ray plays Lord Weatherby
* Claudio Rosso plays Alonzo Soarez
* Jean-Claude Bertin as J. C. Baboulin, plays Philippe, the boyfriend of Tania Soarez

language: English, French



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