Sexual Insanity (1974)

Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1974
Distributor: After Hours Cinema
Director: John Mirisch
Starring: Cyndee Summers (as Deborah Keller), Estelle Wagner, Kay White (as Sally Jack), Nina Fause (as Gayle Winnie), James Lancaster, Jon Roy Jones (as Peter Parsons), Rick Cassidy (as Jerry Grimes), Ric Lutze (as Gary Houser)

Description: 3 lustful ladies reveal their deep sexual madness! These girls are nuts for love, and your nuts will love these girls!





3 thoughts on “Sexual Insanity (1974)”

  1. This movie is censored, do you have the version that is uncensored meaning the penetration and oral is shown? This is like soft core. I remember when I first saw this porno years ago it was uncensored

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