Silvia Saint – Looker (1998)


Starring: Shanna McCullough, Silvia Saint, Lauren Montgomery, Erika Bella, Mickey G., Ian Daniels, Vince Vouyer, Steve Hatcher.

Vince Vouyer is a burnt out vice cop obsessed with a 40-year-old murder spree. The killings were committed, it is believed, by a prostitute dubbed the “femme fatale.” Vince thinks he has a suspect – in photos of each of the crime scenes, he sees, or thinks he sees, long, tall call girl Lauren Montgomery. This is hardly compelling evidence, however, because Vince is a known alcoholic and hardly an impartial investigator, since his father was one of the victims of the original spree. Incredible sex is the rule here, from Vince’s wicked threesome with partner Shanna McCullough and hooker Erika Bella to Hakan and Sylvia Saint’s incredible anal session. “This is solid, satisfying storytelling with sex – a lot of what porn should be.



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