Sinners 1: The Set-Up (1986)

Also Known As
Sinners – Die Sünder (German release by Ribu Video)

Cast: Laurie Smith, Kimberly Carson, Melanie Scott, Sharon Kane, Sharon Mitchell, Tasha Voux, Ashley Liberty, Marita Ekberg, Paul Thomas, Jerry Butler, Ron Jeremy, Dick Howard, Jack D’Arcy

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Sharon Kane, Paul Thomas
  • Scene 2. Kimberly Carson, Laurie Smith, Paul Thomas
  • Scene 3. Laurie Smith, Paul Thomas
  • Scene 4. Sharon Mitchell, Jerry Butler
  • Scene 5. Marita Ekberg, Tasha Voux, Dick Howard, Jack D’Arcy
  • Scene 6. Lady Liberty, Kimberly Carson
  • Scene 7. Melanie Scott, Ron Jeremy
  • AVN Awards, 1989
    • Nominee: Best Director—Shot-on-Video Feature, Cecil Howard
    • Nominee: Best Art Direction
    • Nominee: Best Actor—Shot-on-Video Feature, Paul Thomas
    • Nominee: Best Actress—Shot-on-Video Feature, Laurie Smith
    • Nominee: Best Screenplay—Shot-on-video Feature
    • Nominee: Best Shot-on-Video Feature
    • Nominee: Best Supporting Actress—Shot-on-Video Feature, Kimberly Carson

Language: English

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