Strictly Business (1987)


Jack Remy


* Krista Lane
* Lacey Logan
* Nina Hartley
* Shanna McCullough
* Sharon Kane


* Billy Dee
* Randy West
* Robert Bullock
* Scott Irish
* Wayne Stevens [NonSex]

Scene Breakdowns

* Scene 1. Sharon Kane, Robert Bullock
* Scene 2. Sharon Kane, Krista Lane, Robert Bullock
* Scene 3. Billy Dee, Shanna McCullough
* Scene 4. Sharon Kane, Robert Bullock
* Scene 5. Lacey Logan, Randy West
* Scene 6. Lacey Logan, Scott Irish
* Scene 7. Nina Hartley, Robert Bullock

In this racy romp through the sexecutive suites of ad agencies and video companies, everybody tries to make it big by screwing themselves up the ladder.
“There’s Val (enticing Sharon Kane) a secretary who has aspirations of becoming partners with her boss Larry (Richard Parnes) by taking his dick-tation and indulging in three way confrontation with Larry and the client’s daughter Monica (insatiable Krysta Lane). When Larry reneges on the deal, Sharon blueballs him by showing the client a video with Larry making it with Monica. Out of a job, Larry lands another by being seduced by the hard-boiled and hard-up agency head Cynthia (Nina Hartley). But he gets on top (literally and figuratively) when he has his seduction video taped and shown to her boss! Obliviously, everybody gets it in the end and comes out smiling.



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