Stud Hunters (1984)

Photographer specializing in nudes asks her girl models to go out hunting for strong men to pose.

Suze Randall

* Amy Allison
* Desiree Lane
* Joanna Storm
* Debi Diamond (as Kaviar)
* Lisa Lake (as Lisa LaRoo)
* Misty Regan
* Pipi Anderson (as Pippi Anderssen)

* Blake Palmer
* Craig Roberts
* David Cannon
* Dick Turpin
* Greg Derek
* Marc Wallice
* Michael Morrison
* Paul Baressi
* Randy West
* Steve Douglas

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Amy Allison, Michael Morrison
* Scene 2. Desiree Lane, Misty Regan, Pipi Anderson, Marc Wallice
* Scene 3. Pipi Anderson, Blake Palmer, David Cannon, Dick Turpin, Paul Baressi, Steve Douglas
* Scene 4. Debi Diamond, Lisa Lake
* Scene 5. Debi Diamond, Lisa Lake, Greg Derek, Marc Wallice
* Scene 6. Joanna Storm, Randy West
* Scene 7. Misty Regan, Craig Roberts



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