Supergirls Do The Navy (1984)

Cast: Kristara Barrington, Raven, Taija Rae, Carol Cross, Susan Nero, Joey Silvera, Paul Thomas, Dick Howard, Frank Serrone, George Payne, David Scott


  • Scene 1. Susan Nero, Dick Howard
  • Scene 2. Carol Cross, Paul Thomas
  • Scene 3. Taija Rae, Frank Serrone
  • Scene 4. Carol Cross, Kristara Barrington
  • Scene 5. Kristara Barrington, George Payne
  • Scene 6. Taija Rae, Frank Serrone
  • Scene 7. Kristara Barrington, David Scott
  • Scene 8. Raven, Joey Silvera
  • Scene 9. Kristara Barrington, Paul Thomas

An undersea tale of three college girls on an extra credit assignment. It’s “Panties Away” as three gorgeous coeds spend their summer aboard a submarine – and discover it’s not the only thing to go down! Between these college cuties and the oversexed crew, they manage to have a whale of a time!



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