Talk Dirty to Me 7 (1989)


Brandy Alexandre (as Brandy Alexander) [Facial]
Champagne (as Champaign) [LezOnly]
Mia Powers (as Mia Sterling)
Susan Vegas
Tracey Adams


Eric Edwards
Randy West
Rick Daniels
Rick Savage
Cal Jammer (as Tim Johnson)
NonSex Performers
Steve Vegas

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Tianna, Cal Jammer
Scene 2. Tracey Adams, Eric Edwards
Scene 3. Susan Vegas, Rick Savage
Scene 4. Champagne, Tianna
Scene 5. Mia Powers, Rick Daniels
Scene 6. Brandy Alexandre, Randy West

Description: Randy West is a DJ who has been fired from his job at Talk Dirty Radio because his snow-white puritan streak has become a drag for his co-workers. Now at a competing station, Randy is trying to lead a boycott of Tracey Adams’ show, on which she dispenses valuable sexual advice to listeners in need. By going after her sponsors, Randy is really putting the hurt on the station. Meanwhile, Tracey is helping Steve and Susan Vegas work out their troubles in the bedroom. Then old flame Eric Edwards shows up and steals Tracey’s heart, but he turns out to be married. He makes it up to her by also turning out to be a millionaire and by saving her show. Yet another gem in the Talk Dirty saga.



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