Temptation – The Story Of A Lustful Bride (1984)

Starring: Desiree Lane, Gina Gianetti, Mike Horner, Billy Dee, Herschel Savage, Lili Marlene, Ron Jeremy, Lynx Canon, Blair Harris, Ken Scudder, April Devine, David Morris, Lisa Hess.

Scene 1. Desiree Lane, Herschel Savage
Scene 2. Desiree Lane, Mike Horner
Scene 3. Desiree Lane, Gina Gianetti, Nick Niter, Ron Jeremy
Scene 4. Desiree Lane, Lynx Canon, Jon Martin
Scene 5. Desiree Lane, Blair Harris, David Morris
Scene 6. blonde, Desiree Lane, Lili Marlene, Billy Dee, Don Fernando, Gary Eberhart



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