Tendre lolita (1981)

Cast: Marina Hedman,Ashley Queen,Wendy O’ Neil,Pamela Clark,Louis DAMIANO

The film starts with a notary reading the last will and testament of Antoine, his old friend, to the family. The son, Julien, will inherit the fortune once he will be 25, in the mean time he will depend of a tutor. But which of the 2 aunts will be the tutor, Thérèse or Julie, the mother of Lily ? Julien is free to make his choice, the 3 women will help him, using their sex-appeal and much more to choice the best one, he finally will go for the 3 together.




2 thoughts on “Tendre lolita (1981)”

  1. Hello
    Je cherche en vain les deux films en annonces à la fin de ce dvd..
    Introuvables ?? qui peut m’aider ?

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