The Agony of Lash, Lace and Love (1975)

Starring: Candy Strapp, Cheryl Wellington-Smyth, Toni Scott (as Toni Adrian), Val Anderson (as Valerie Johnson), Christopher Norris, David Book (as David Jordan), Jonathon Younger (as John Ewbanks)

Description: The Agony of Lace, Lash & Love (1975) begins with a spirited orgy as a black couple and a white couple get jungle fever and trade partners. Later, the white guy, who looks like he needs an exorcist, asks them in a thick accent: “Have you ever heard of S&M?” “Is that that animal shit?” someone answers. To make a short story even shorter, our jaded, pleasure-seeking dolts kidnap a pasty German chick and force her to do shameful things. Her kinky captors prance around in Halloween masks, strip her, whip her and force her to become their sex slave. The End. This sleaze opus was shot in San Francisco and directed by Arthur J. Franks. It sounds like it was recorded underwater and the cast is better suited to a police line-up. For those taking notes it contains the usual ingredients: whips, rope burns, bondage, afros, sadomasochism, boobs and beaver. “Agony” is right.



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