The Amorous Sisters (Julchen & Jettchen) (1979)

Year: 1980
Country: Schweiz
Genre: Erotic

Castr:Jane Baker / Elodie Delage / Roman Huber / Hans-Ruedi Isler / Brigitte Lahaie /
France Lomay / Mike Montana / Barbara Moose / Nadine Pascal / Ella Rose

Barhara Moose gives sex education lessons to seven schoolgirls, including an unwitting practical demonstration by a stream while on a biology field trip. On the same day out. Ella Rose recruits a male flasher to he a live model in the class. Jane Baker is the frustrated wife of a body builder. She resorts to looking at porn in the library and the services of a randy librarian, before recruiting Ella Rose and Brigite Lahaie to excite the interest of her husband, then blindfold him so that she can take their place. The girls also peep on teacher while she masturbates and tie their sheets together so that they can get a man into their dormitory. He has to choose which one of them to go for by touch, as they blindfold him.




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