The Big Pink (1995)

Three gorgeous sex-crazed ladies stumble upon their rock idol`s mansion and wind up living out their wildest fantasy of pure unadulterated sex with the entire band and themselves. It`s a sex-crammed, shot-on-film feature and a must have for any serious pornster.

Thomas Paine

* Danyel Cheeks
* Jordan Lee [Anal Facial]
* Krista
* Kylie Ireland

* Peter North
* Blake Palmer (as Skip Stokely)
* Tom Byron
* Tony Tedeschi
* TT Boy

* Scenes 4, 5 & 6 is an orgy but the couples remain ‘exclusive’ all the way through

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Jordan Lee, Peter North
* Scene 2. Danyel Cheeks, TT Boy
* Scene 3. Krista, Blake Palmer
* Scene 4. Kylie Ireland, Tony Tedeschi
* Scene 5. Danyel Cheeks, TT Boy
* Scene 6. Krista, Blake Palmer
* Scene 7. Kylie Ireland, Tony Tedeschi



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