The Groupies (1962)

Year: 1962
Country: Europe-America
Genre: All Sex, Classics, Oral
Duration: 1:00:30
Director: no
Studio: Historic Erotica

Here they come, and they’re all screaming for the same thing, to get their hands on a superstar’s body. In this flick, the superstar is you. Imagine yourself submerged in pussy of all types and flavors. Take this movie home, take your pick and fuck until you drop, sexy sixties style!





One thought on “The Groupies (1962)”

  1. imdb 1971 no review
    Rene Bond … Sam (uncredited)
    Keith Erickson Ralph (uncredited)
    Suzanne Fields Lisa (uncredited)
    Ric Lutze … Alan (uncredited)
    Carmen Olivera Martha (uncredited)
    Jill Sweete … Josie’s Friend (uncredited)
    Roy Van der Welt John (uncredited)
    Adam Ward … Rick (uncredited)
    Mindy Wilson … Josie (uncredited)

    This LA production is softcore with full frontal nudity, but the actors cover the alleged erections, penetrations, fellatio and cunnilingus. These actors were also making hardcore films, but in LA at that time you could be jailed for those. Eventually enough cases were thrown out of court that prosecutions ceased. After 1980 many of the cast and crew of SF films moved to LA.

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