The Kowloon Connection (1976)


Year: 1976
Country: USA
Genre: Feature, Straight, Asian, Classic
Duration: 00:54:03
English language

Directed by: Harry Who
Studio: VCX

Cast: Mea Tue, Rita Cous, Suzy Chung, Toni Scott, Paul Scharf, John Holmes, Jonathon Younger, Ray Wells

Scene 1. Toni Scott, Paul Scharf
Scene 2. Unknown Female 3077, Paul Scharf
Scene 3. Mea Tue, Suzy Chung, Ray Wells
Scene 4. Unknown Female 3077, Jonathon Younger
Scene 5. Suzy Chung, John Holmes

A Terrific ode to the 70’s narcotic / espionage laced thrillers complete with sexual dynamics. Intrigue, gritty characters from the Asian underworld and MORE! John Holmes stars as “The Man” in this action packed sex adventure, featuring the Oriental harlot Suzy Chung – whose “Kowloon Connection” with John is worth the viewing in itself. Look for the shocking ending!




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