The Violation Of Cinnabunz (1999)

Starring: Cinna Bunz, Kira, Champagne, Pebbles, Chastity, Sinnamon, Caramel.

It?s your ordinary L.A. lesbian gang, looking for a new girl to bang.
Kira and Big Mama are hanging out in the club house, and planning out the new initiation ceremony, deciding whether Cinnabunz will have to wear a beanie wherever she goes on the street. They practice a bit with a strap-on and double dong, until the girls bring in the newest pledge. Cinnabunz is told that she?ll have to go through the following steps if she wants to be a member in full standing: eat rubber pussy (possibly a Chasey Lane model), eat real pussy (?No, no, not pussy??), get some three-way dildo action, double dong DP, anal dildo action, power tool dildo action, and (what the hell) do a blow up doll (possibly a Ron Jeremy model). One might well ask why the girls aren?t willing to do such things, with this enthusiasm, for, say, Byron Long?Cinnabunz is obviously enjoying herself, as are the other girls (now that they don?t have to do facials). It?s a crazy club, and they probably perform Christmas shows for the sick in hospitals, so Cinnabunz will do anything asked of her to join. And then some.




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