Top Sensation (1969)

Production year: 1969
Country: Italy
Genre: Erotic, Thriller
Duration: 01:28:36
Language: Spanish

Directed by: Ottavio Alessi
Starring: Rosalba Neri, Edwige Fenech, Eva Thulin, Maud Belleroche, Maurizio Bonuglia, Ruggero Miti, Salvatore Puntillo, Günter Hendel

Description: A woman named Mudy has enlisted the help of Paula (Rosalba) (with her husband Aldo) plus a prostitute named Ulla (Edwige) to seduce her emotionally troubled son Tony and finally get him laid. Nothing they do works, but when the yacht they’re on runs aground by a Mediterranean island, Tony runs off and meets a beautiful shepherd girl named Beba (Eva Thulin) that he takes a liking to. Aldo sees this and brings the girl back to the yacht, but tragedy soon follows …




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