Une belle carrosserie (1980)

Alternate Titles

Une belle c… avec un petit trou noir
Il Punto proibito di una moglie Italy, Cinevinci


Catherine Danton in reverse gang bang of Jéduné
Eva Bassan plays the brothel madam
Eve Carol plays Nicole
Guia Lauri Filzi plays the press officer
Laura Levi plays Popsy Mallard
Laura Zanzibar in reverse gang bang of Jéduné
Lucie Doll plays Conchita
Nadine Roussial plays the switchboard girl (may not be in all versions)
Christine Frassati plays la troisième prostituée
Evelyne Lozac’h plays Cécilia
Ghylaine Malher plays la maquilleuse


Jean Tolzac plays M. Mallard
Hubert Géral plays the photographer
Carmelo Petix plays the football coach
Gabriel Pontello plays a footballer
Guy Royer plays a footballer
Christian Loussert plays a footballer
Rudy Lenoir plays the chairman of the board
Alban Ceray plays the detective, Jéduné
Jean Cherlian plays the second brother of the chairman

Language : Italian



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