Uninhibited (1995)

Starring: Buck Adams (as Charles S. Allen), Tony Montana (as Julio Gonzalez), KC Williams (as Tracy Wolfe), Rocco Siffredi (as Rocco Tano), Mimi Faillace, Dominique Simone, Sean Michaels (as Andre Allen), Asha Siewkumar

Description: Gun, a tough and bloody homicide cop, was once the pride of the force. When his partner is brutally shot down because of Gun `s mistake, his life turns upside down, and only the bottom of a glass can provide peace to his tortured conscience.When his next assignment calls for him to infiltrate a massive drug cartel, Gun enters into a world of vice and sin he never knew existed. Beautiful women, yachts, extraordinary castles and orgies are all at his fingertips.With his new partner, the stunning and sexy Jugginson being used as bait, will Gun learn from his past failures, or will he succumb to the temptations of this erotic criminal world ?




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