Video Store Vixens (1986)

Starring : 
Bunny Bleu
Deidra Hopkins (as Diedra Hopkins)
Leslie Winston
Melissa Melendez (as Melissa)
Buddy Love
Jason Brooks (as Jocko)
Steve Drake


Scene 1. Leslie Winston, Jason Brooks
Scene 2. Bunny Bleu, Buddy Love
Scene 3. Deidra Hopkins, Melissa Melendez, Steve Drake
Scene 4. Melissa Melendez, Buddy Love
Scene 5. Bunny Bleu, Melissa Melendez
Scene 6. Bunny Bleu, Melissa Melendez, Jason Brooks
Movie Description :
“Have you ever wondered how raunchy those girls in the video store could be? Well wonder no more cause these Vixens are here to show you just how raunchy they can be. So the next time you take a trip to the video store you will know just what kind of secrets those gals are holding.”

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