Video Virgins 5 (1993)

Year: 1993
Country: United States
Genre: Pro / Am, Anal, Lesbian, Toys, Hardcore, All Sex
Duration: 2:01:20
Language English

Starring: Kaitlyn Ashley, Deborah Wells, Tina Tyler

Description: Absolutely packed with beauties telling their stories of sex and innocence, the first times and the best times. Find out when a woman first realizes her sexuality by touching herself and then later by the hands of another. Video Virgins 1 cover girl Tina Tyler returns to introduce Heather Lee who is featured in 6. We go north to find Asian beauty Leia Nicoles who gets ridden hard and put away wet. Cover girl Deborah Wells shows what it takes to make her knees weak. There is nothing quite as exciting as a woman when she clinches the sheets, arches her back and moans in sexual ecstasy. But you know that, or you’re about to find out. Uninterrupted, sweaty, pounding, driving sex – in other words, what you’ve come to expect from Video Virgins.




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