Vintage Magazines

Dear visitors of ClassicArchive, we want to inform you that in the next
1-2 weeks we will share with you big collection of vintage magazines(nearly 600 magazines)
and in the future constantly we will enrich that collection,
here you can find tutorial how to open those magazines  with cbr extension ,


Also i want to mention, that all magazines will be uploaded on oron, about the movies we will continue to upload on 5 different file hosts (,,, and )

We hope that you will enjoy.

ClassicArchive Team

3 thoughts on “Vintage Magazines”

  1. No, sorry about that but there a lot of magazines and that is to much time to upload on 5 different file hosts, and on the oron links will be alive longer than other file hosts.

  2. Ahh missed this post. Interesting project.
    Too bad however you choose Oron as (only) filehost. Don’t like that filehost at all.

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