Where the Boys Aren’t 11 (1999)

Year: 1999
Country: USA
Duration: 1:07:51
Studio: Vivid
Starring: Janine, Tia Bella, Kobe Tai, Heather Hunter, Jenteal, Leslie Glass, Dyanna Lauren.

“This is one of the most-consistently scalding sapphic-themed series ever, and it just keeps getting better with each new installment. Think of WTBA as a hardcore showcase for Vivid’s fabled stable of pick-o’-the-litter Vivid Girls, who represent the cream of the cream of every year’s porn diva crop. The ladies are set loose upon one another with each installment in the series, and they never fail to impress when they come to close quarters with one another. This volume stars Janine and Dyanna Lauren and the proprietresses of a house in which young women can come to explore their various sapphic longings. This of course sets up scene after scene of ravenous girl-girl sex, and the girls capitalize in a big way. In the first and arguably the hottest of these, Tia Bella and Leslie Glass have at it in a pairing which obviously isn’t really going anywhere. Then Dyanna makes the scene in an LA Sheriffs Department deputy’s uniform, and gets very dominant and quite nasty with Leslie. The lesson is clear – sometimes nice doesn’t work in pleasuring one’s lesbian lover, and ya gotta resort to the rough stuff. A must-have treat for the senses. “” Four stars … a beautiful and talented cast … Janine and Dyanna fans rejoice! “- AVN.







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