Wicked Sensations (1980)

Ron Chrones

* Annette Haven
* Cris Cassidy (as Chris Cassidy)
* Diana Holt (as Diane Holt)
* Holly McCall
* Holly Page
* Mai Lin
* Sonya Summers (as Sonya Sommers)
* Suzanne French [BJOnly]

* John Leslie
* Michael Morrison
* Paul Thomas
* Tom Anderson [NonSex]

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Mai Lin, Paul Thomas
* Scene 2. Annette Haven
* Scene 3. Annette Haven, John Leslie
* Scene 4. Sonya Summers, Michael Morrison
* Scene 5. Suzanne French, John Leslie
* Scene 6. Holly McCall, Holly Page, Paul Thomas
* Scene 7. Cris Cassidy, Paul Thomas
* Scene 8. Diana Holt, John Leslie
* Scene 9. Annette Haven, John Leslie

Our story revolves around Pierson (John Leslie). He’s a famous novelist who’s not getting enough out of sex. Pierson turns to his friend George (Paul Thomas) Who’s always making it, and together they set out in search of the key to the revival of Pierson. Wicked Sensations is a sexually explicit romp down the highways and byways., always ending up in heavenly valleys!

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