Wild Oats (1989)

Starring: Eva Allen, Damien Thorn, David Elliot, Ron Jeremy, Jessica Lange, Nina DePonca

Description: You’re invited to the medical offices of the legendary Dr. Jay, renowned proponent of the potent aphrodisiacal properties associated with the ingestion of “Wild Oats.” Watch him as he proves over and over again, how sensually arousing this experience can be on his frustratingly, undersexed patients. Suddenly their frigid and flaccid bodies awaken to the sexual joy of intimate, erotic contact, and they are freed to explore every pleasurable whim their now stimulated libido can imagine!

  • Scene 1. Andrea Brittian, Jon Dough
  • Scene 2. Eva Allen, Damien Thorn
  • Scene 3. Nina DePonca, David Sanders
  • Scene 4. Nina DePonca, Damien Thorn
  • Scene 5. Andrea Brittian, David Sanders



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