Wishbone (1988)

Cast: Krista Lane, Porsche Lynn, Megan Leigh, Damian Cashmere, Vladimir Correa, David Morris
Studio: Distribpix / Video-X-Pix

Description: Horny Krista Lane picks up a homeless drunkard and takes him back to her office and cleans him up, and then puts him in a deep trance. What will she do to him now? Now under her spell, the wino becomes aroused at the word “Vladivostock” and when the word “Siberia” is mentioned he is required to satisfy all women. Also starring Porsche Lynn & Megan Leigh.




One thought on “Wishbone (1988)”

  1. Which movie is this?

    Your box cover is for the 1988 movie titled Wish Bone.

    Your screenshot is for the 1997 movie titled Wishbone.

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