All The Way In (1984)

Starring: Annette Linder, Candy Samples, Mai Lin, Martina, Shanna McCullough, Tanya Lawson, David Morris, Eric Edwards, Francois, Mike Horner, Pat Romano, Ron Jeremy.

The beautiful & bountiful Candy Samples makes her explicit feature debut in this touching and torrid love story. All The Way In. The unsinkable Ms. Samples plays Candy Keen, the sex-help columnist for Ultra Flesh Magazine. Along with her horny co-workers, Candy turns the ho-hum world of publishing into an erotic romp where pleasure and business go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, their idyllic office situation is threatened when a wealthy publisher buys the magazine with the intention of replacing the staff with his own hand-picked cuties. Candy’s co-workers look to her to “persuade” the new owner to keep them on-board, but poor Candy is love-stricken after having found-and-lost Mr. Right on a recent out-of-town stripping engagement. With only a week to bring her out of her funk, the staff concocts some enticing situations guaranteed to return Candy to her former lusty self.




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