Amours Collectives (1976)

Alternate Titles
Französische Perversionen West Germany, Venus Video, no credits, does not include the film-in-film referred to on imdb
Glissements de tes reins Concorde video
Histoire d’X

Catherine Castel as Cathy Castel, plays Cathy
Cathy Cat plays Katia
Jackie Dartois as Jackie, plays the bread carrier
Julie Bouche as Karoline, plays the air hostess
Rachel Mhas plays Rachel
Males –

Jean-Pierre Bouyxou plays the director
Alban Ceray plays Alban
Jean-Louis Vattier plays Jean-Louis
Jacques Marbeuf plays Jacques
Willy Braque plays Willa Brique, the Captain (pilot) of Concorde
Jean Rollin, as Mike Gentle, plays the vampire



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