Barmaids à jouir (1979)


Alternate Titles
* Barmaid à jouir par-derrière
* Hôtesse à enfiler – video re-release title, 72 mins.
* J’ai le feu aux fesses – 1982, Dir. credited to Joe de Palmer (actually the producer) later re-release title
* Jouir – VIP video
* Le Nain l’avait grosse – Les Éditions Européennes video, 72 mins.

Brigitte Verbecq plays the barmaid
Claudia van Statt as Cathia Gauthier, plays a customer
Liliane Lemieuvre non-sex, plays a customer at a table
Lucie Doll as Claire Brognie, or Claire Brogniart, plays the maid
XNK7178 the woman who joins Pontello and Verbeq in the toilet
XNK7179 in the final orgy


Désir Bastareaud plays Désir, the barman
Gabriel Pontello plays the bar manager
Cyril Val, as Alain Plumey, plays Alain
Guy Royer plays a reveler
Carmelo Petix plays the cook
Jean Cherlian
Jacques Marbeuf plays the bar owner
Gérard Clos plays a customer at a table (with Liliane Lemieuvre)

Language: French



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