Born to Be Maid (1987)



Frankie Leigh [Facial]
Jeannie Pepper
Kim Alexis [Facial]
Sunny Day


Bill Margold
Billy Dee
Blake Palmer
Joey Silvera
Jonathon Lee

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Jeannie Pepper, Billy Dee
Scene 2. Frankie Leigh, Kim Alexis, Sunny Day
Scene 3. Sunny Day, Joey Silvera
Scene 4. Kim Alexis, Blake Palmer
Scene 5. Frankie Leigh, Jonathon Lee
Scene 6. Frankie Leigh, Kim Alexis, Sunny Day, Bill Margold

Imagine a class like the Inward Bound Project, run by the very sexperienced Molloy Munroe, where the subjects taught are sex and the fine art of masculine manipulation. Now envision three wild, wonderful and willing students enrolling in this project to fulfill their deep need for sexual satisfaction. And there you have it.



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