Candy Store (1971)

Alice Bawcum
Annette Michael
Candy Samples
Francie French
Jill Sweete
Lori Love
Nancy Martin
Orita De Chadwick
Paula Page

Billy Lane
Buddy Boone
Dennis East
Jim Frost
Scott Cook

Candy’s fans will be delighted by this full-length feature film, which showcases both the mature beauty and remarkably erotic personality of the legendary burst queen.
The ‘Candy Store’ or the title refers to an exclusive bordello, operated by the big-bosomed star. The house features a bevy of stunning young girls, trained by Candy herself to perform feats of sexual magic with their hot, luscious bodies and moist, hungry mouths.
The non-stop hardcore action encompasses a wide spectrum of adult sensuality, from the traditional to the bizarre. As Madam, ‘Candy sees it as her duty to personally instruct and even assist her lovely girls in satisfying the many exotic demands of her chertier.





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