Checkmate (1973)


production: 1973
Country: USA
Genre: Softcore \ Thriller | Action
Duration: 1:20:11
Language: English
Subtitles: Greek

Directed by: Lem Amero
Studio: Amero Brothers

Starring: Diana Wilson … Pepper Burns / Agent 00X
An Tsan Hu … Mme. Chang
J.J. Coyle … Mr. Snow
Don Dr@per … Mercer
Caren Kaye … Alex
Ion De Hondol … Boris Petroff – Russian agent
Reg Roland … André Vidal – French agent
Nancy Tier … Hitgirl Tickler – French Maid
Jordan Myers … Ian Livingstone – British agent
Robie Galina … Hitgirl
Ellen Michaels … Hitgirl Happy
Rolla Knuckles … Hitgirl
Frank Young … U.N. agent
Paul Canavan
Kurt Mann … Jogger in Central Park

Description: Ripped from an obscure PAL VHS, here’s lanky, lethal plank-with-bewbs Diana Wilson as super secret agent lad Pepper Burns. A high maintance, high IQ chess playing kick boxer who goes chest to chest with a homiddal dragon lady that wants to rule the world via kidnapped scientists, space ships and booby trapped chess boards. See Pepper use a helicopter !, see her answer her secret agent cock and balls phone! Witness the sleazy abundance of nipples on display, see nude pool-cue death and a scene, where Pepper is assaulted by a crack team of horny, top-tearing lesbo ninjas, no chit.

Extras. Info:
Also known as: 00X Misión Sexo, Pepper – Agent 00X, Pepper Secret Agent 00X, Thanasimos peirasmos



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