Daisy Chain (1984)

aka Daisy Wong – Ein geiles Miststück

Colleen Brennan [Facial]
Crystal Breeze [Facial]
Cynthia Brooks
Karen Summer [Facial]
Lisa Lake [Facial Bald]
Tantala Ray (as Tantala) [Facial]

Steve Douglas (as Doug Rossi)
Kevin James
Marty Newmar (as Marty Neumar)
Nick Random [NonSex]
Peter North

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Tantala Ray, Francois
Scene 2. Lisa Lake, Peter North
Scene 3. Crystal Breeze, Karen Summer, Peter North
Scene 4. Colleen Brennan, Kevin James
Scene 5. Karen Summer, Tantala Ray
Scene 6. Tantala Ray
Scene 7. Crystal Breeze, Steve Douglas
Scene 8. Cynthia Brooks, Peter North
Scene 9. Karen Summer, Kevin James
Scene 10. Colleen Brennan, Crystal Breeze, Karen Summer, Lisa Lake, Tantala Ray, Steve Douglas, Francois, Kevin James, Marty Newmar, Peter North

Kirdy Stevens

“Phyllis Chandler (Colleen Brennan) wants to bang the handsome star Luke Lancer (Kevin James), and the only way to get him is to produce her own porno film. She’s rich and she’s bored and Luke Lancer’s the one she wants to be cause he’s hung like a donkey. In this classic film, “DAISEY CHAIN”, Kirdy Stevens of “TABOO” fame, takes you behind the scenes into the torrid world of rampant lust, the steamy side of the making of a porno movie. They’re all wild, and the stars don’t stop when the director yells “cut” and the starlets who can’t get enough on screen or off! For the ultimate climax, everyone, cast and crew, no longer able to control their sexual frenzy come together in the hottest, wettest, drippingest, daisy chain in the annals of porndom… a film by Kirdy Stevens who directed such memorable sex epics as “TABOO”, “ANYTIME ANYPLACE”, “TABOO II”, “PLAING WITH FIRE” and many more.”




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