Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle (1981)

The Golden Girl of Porn!
Annie Sprinkles, the most sensational porn star of all time, exposes herself entirely in her hot new movie.
Annie tells us the true story. We relive her experiences as she develops into the voluptuous Venus she is today. We see Annie working out with two ripping musclemen and Annie with her favorite girlfriend. The scene with Annie and the seven sleeping beauties is the pajama party you wish you’d had in high school.

This movie features talent never before seen on the adult screen. The new faces bring a freshness to scene after scene of erotic escapades.

Annie’s desires and experiences are unique. She bathes the screen with a golden glow. Fans of Annie Sprinkles have always known her special talents, now everyone can see them and share them in the ultimate adult performance.


Annie Sprinkle [Anal Facial Squirt Pee GS]
Barbara Miller [LezOnly]
Bunny Hatton
Diana May (as Diane) [LezOnly]
Heather Young [LezOnly]
Judy Bilodeau [LezOnly]
Lee Starr
Lisa B. (as Lisa Be) [LezOnly]
Chrissie Beauchamp (as Sassy)
Sheila Jones (as Sheisha Jones) [LezOnly]


David Messa (as Bobby Soccie)
Buddy Hatton
Jack Teague (as Jake Teague)
Mal O’Ree [GS]
Marc Valentine
Michael Gaunt
Mike Feline (as Mike Filene)
Roger Ram
Ron Hudd
Ron Jeremy

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Annie Sprinkle, David Messa, Roger Ram
Scene 2. Annie Sprinkle, Chrissie Beauchamp, Ron Jeremy
Scene 3. Annie Sprinkle, Marc Valentine
Scene 4. Annie Sprinkle, Mal O’Ree
Scene 5. Annie Sprinkle, Barbara Miller, Heather Young, Judy Bilodeau, Lisa B., Sheila Jones
Scene 6. Annie Sprinkle
Scene 7. Annie Sprinkle, Jack Teague, Michael Gaunt, Mike Feline
Scene 8. Annie Sprinkle, Bunny Hatton, Buddy Hatton
Scene 9. Annie Sprinkle, Ron Hudd



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