Detournement de mineur (1983)


Released: 1983
Director: Jean-Luc Brunet as Bruce J. Lean
Notes: Concorde, later theatrically released by Alpha France, Concorde DVD

Alternate Titles
Carcere femminile speciale Italy

(Credited cast)
Renée Allilouche
Agnès Ardant
Marianne Aubert (as Sylvie Esnault)
Dominique Brasaite
Monique Carrère
Alban Ceray
Maïte Cupoi
Alain Doucrest
Syvlie Dounaise
Katia Esmeralda
Yan Fortuny
Catherine Greiner (as Cathy Steward)
Kenny Holloway
André Kay
Jean-Philippe Klomen
Peter Lowell
Olivier Mathot
Helen Maureen
Émile Megan
Claudia Paoli
Pascal Richard
Dominique Saint Claire (as Claire Forestier)
Diane Suresne
Marina Tavelet
Sylvie Trope

Laure is sent to prison after some sort of incident with her daughter Nathalie’s wannabe boyfriend. There she is abused by the inmates (including Cathy Stweart) and the guards (including Monique Carrere) and is raped by a male inmate, an event arranged by the guards. She spends time reflecting on the events which led to her present situation.
This is a cue for lots of flashbacks, some of whcih she couldn’t have remembered herself. These include her daughter behaving promiscuously at a nightclub and at the beach with friends Diane Suresne, Eva Kleber, André Kay and Alain Doucrest, putting off boyfriend Stéphane (Yan Fortuny) who seems more attracted to Laure anyway. We also see her husband having sex with his mistress.



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