Dr. Butts 3: The Anal Asylum (1994)


Doktorn Som Tog Bakvägen 3 (1994)

Corby Wells [Anal]
Dyanna Lauren [Anal Bald]
Mandy Foxx [Anal]
Micki Lynn [Anal Facial]
Monique DeMoan [Anal Bald]
Tabatha Cash [Anal Facial]
Trisha Diamond [Anal Facial]

NonSex Performers:
Greta Lynn

Brad Armstrong
Ed Powers
Gerry Pike
Jon Dough
Randy west
Steven St. Croix
Tom Byron

NonSex Performers:
Lester Goldfine
London Bridges
Loretta Sterling

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Tabatha Cash, Ed Powers
  • Scene 2. Micky Lynn, Randy West
  • Scene 3. Trisha Diamond, Ed Powers
  • Scene 4. Monique DeMoan, Jon Dough, Tom Byron
  • Scene 5. Dyanna Lauren, Brad Armstrong
  • Scene 6. Corby Wells, Gerry Pike, Steven St. Croix
  • Scene 7. Mandy Foxx, Randy West



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