Dr. Butts 2: The Next Examination (1992)

Doktorn Som Tog Bakvägen 2 (1992)

Anisa [Anal]
Bionca [Anal]
Carolyn Monroe [Anal]
Cassandra Dark [Anal Facial]
Keiko [Anal Facial]
NonSex Performers:
Julie Fletcher

Bruce Seven
Cole Stevens
Ed Powers
L.A. Rock
Marc Wallice
Mitch Dark
Randy west
Vince Roman

Scene Breakdowns
* Scene 1. Anisa, Vince Roman
* Scene 2. Anisa, Ed Powers
* Scene 3. Bionca, Marc Wallice
* Scene 4. Carolyn Monroe, Keiko, Bruce Seven
* Scene 5. Carolyn Monroe, Cole Stevens
* Scene 6. Cassandra Dark, Mitch Dark
* Scene 7. Keiko, Ed Powers
* Scene 8. Carolyn Monroe, Randy West



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