Embroche-moi mon poulet (1980’s)


Barbara Moose scene from Les Enfoncenses expertes
Cathy Stewart scene from Les Minettes brûlantes
Elisabeth Buré scene from Jeux de corps
Elodie Delage scene from Jeux de corps
Hasna Cosi scene from Les Minettes brûlantes
Laura Clair scene from Minouche l’insatiable
Marie-Claude Moreau scenes from Jeux de corps and Si tu crois fillette (?)
Mika Barthel scene from Minouche l’insatiable
Monique Carrère scenes from Les Minettes brûlantes and Les Enfoncenses expertes
Morgane scenes from Les Minettes brûlantes and Les Enfoncenses expertes
Nadine Roussial scenes from Si tu crois fillette (?) and Minouche l’insatiable
Sandrine Pernelle scene from Jeux de corps

Cyril Val
Dominique Aveline
Richard Lemieuvre
Guy Bonnafoux
Piotr Stanislas
Guy Berardant
Patrick Pontello
Dominique St-Clair (Guy Lagardère)

Scene 01. Monique Carrere, Cyril Val
Scene 02. Monique Carrere, Cathy Stewart [intercut w. Sc.03]
Scene 03. Morgane, Cyril Val
Scene 04. Monique Carrere, Morgane, Cyril Val
Scene 05. Barbara Moose, Guy Bonnafoux [intercut w. Sc.06]
Scene 06. Monique Carrere, Morgane
Scene 07. Barbara Moose, Monique Carrere, Morgane
Scene 08. Marie-Claude Moreau, Nadine Roussial
Scene 09. Hasna Cosi [anal], Cyril Val [intercut w. Sc.10]
Scene 10. Cathy Stewart, Dominique Aveline
Scene 11. Mika Barthel, Piotr Stanislas [intercut w. Sc.12-14]
Scene 12. Laura Clair, Guy Berardant
Scene 13. brun [creampie], Patrick Pontello [same room as Sc.14]
Scene 14. Nadine Roussial, Cyril Val
Scene 15. Marie-Claude Moreau, Sandrine Pernell, Piotr Stanislas
Scene 16. Elisabeth Bure, Cyril Val
Scene 17. Elodie Delage, Dominique St-Clair
Scene 18. Marie-Claude Moreau, Cyril Val

Scenes 01-04,09,10 are probably from Les Minettes brûlantes
Scenes 15-18 are from Jeux de corps

Lang: French

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