Eyes of a Dreamer (1983)


Sexuality, reality and sensual dreams intermingle and drift through Laura’s existence with such frequency and intensity that she develops an irresistible urge to fall into deep, erotic daydreams anytime and anyplace. Alarmed, her husband calls in a doctor. The M.D. resembles one of her dream lovers and during the examination she falls into her sultry fantasy world with another dreamlike state manifesting itself. She ends up at an erotic film shooting with Laura center stage. As the cameras begin to roll, she envisions her husband, the doctor and her co-workers all engaging her in decadent sexual activities. Where does reality stop and imagination begin? The viewer decides, but along the way there is a visual feast of sweltering fantasies to behold.


Beth Rosen
Buffy Mast
Galle Mane
Tanya Scott


Randy West
Steve King




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