Family Heat (1985)


Starring: Buffy Davis, Kari Foxx, Rachel Ryan, Helga Sven, Hershel Savage, Peter North, Tony Martino.

Welcome to the hottest restaurant in town. At this family-owned diner, you get service with a smile — and then some. With buxom waitresses ready and willing to fill every special order, it is no wonder that this place is becoming one of the most popular in town. Whether treating a customer to some extra sizzle with their steak or enjoying a feverish frolic in the back room with the manager, you can bet that these gals earn every penny of their tips. Shot in 1986 in a real Los Angeles bar room, Family Heat delivers the goods in naughty, no-nonsence fashion. Some of the tastiest tarts in 80s porn play the wanton waitresses here, and each of them turns in at least one white-hot tryst. Rachel Ryan steals the show in a ravenous early performance, sharing her supple curves with all comers in a series of torrid tussles. The absolute high point is the searing session between buxom Buffy Davis and Peter North. Both of these legendary performers go all out to please.



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