Firebox (1986)

Year: 1986
Country: USA
Genre: Feature, Straight, Classic
Length: 1:29:02
Language: English

Directed by: Louis Warren


International arms trafficking. Big bucks to be made and lost. The master schemer Sergei Kaminski is in New York to make a major score. He has his most deadly and beautiful assistant with him to make sure that all goes as planned. But private detective Elliot Guess was not in their plans. Elliot has gotten wind of Sergei’s plans to ship stolen missiles back to Europe and must do anything he can to stop the delivery. This includes seducing Sergei’s cohort to try and find out as much as he can about the operation before it’s too late! Elliot Guess has never failed on a case, and he isn’t going to start losing now!


Annette Heinz
Jeanna Fine
Nina Preta


Damien Cashmere
Michael Knight
Ron Jeremy

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Jeanna Fine, Damien Cashmere
Scene 2. Jeanna Fine, Ron Jeremy
Scene 3. Nina Preta, Damien Cashmere
Scene 4. Annette Heinz, Damien Cashmere
Scene 5. Annette Heinz, Nina Preta
Scene 6. Jeanna Fine, Michael Knight
Scene 7. Nina Preta, Ron Jeremy
Scene 8. Annette Heinz, Ron Jeremy
Scene 9. Nina Preta, Michael Knight



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